These programs can be presented at your facility or at the Museum in the beautiful James Library Building, completed in 1900. Programs are $100 plus travel costs if presented at your location.

ABCs of Candy

This program explores the history of candy, highlighting both familiar and not-so-familiar candies: one for each letter of the alphabet! Program concludes with some sugary & sugar-free samplings.

Back to School 

Re-live schooldays with this hands-on program that reviews the 3 Rs & other activities in the one-room schoolhouse. Participants will handle objects that tell the story of Early American education.

Baseball in 9 Innings

Learn fun facts about the interesting and varied background and history of America’s game: from its inception, to strange superstitions, to the “seventh inning stretch.” Participants are encouraged to recall and talk about their baseball memories.

Decoding the Past

This interactive and hands-on program will engage participants’ observation, questioning and memory skills as they try to “decode” the name and use of artifacts from the Museum’s collection.

The Dog Days of Summer

Why do we say some of the crazy words & phrases we say? Learn the strange–& often amusing–origins of some of our most popular expressions.

Hail to the Chief

Presidential fact or fiction! Participants will learn facts, trivia and debunk some common myths about our nation’s Presidents.

Here Comes the Bride

From the dresses and veils to cake and toasts, participants learn the fascinating and unexpected background behind many of the traditions surrounding weddings and marriage.

History of Christmas Carols

Participants are encouraged to sing along to traditional Christmas carols as they learn the history (& sometimes secret meanings) behind these favorite songs.

Remember the Ladies 

This program explores the history, interesting stories and valuable contributions of our country’s First Ladies, from Martha Washington to Melania Trump.


Prior to the development of train, car and air travel, water travel was a crucial means of transporting goods and people and continues to have an important role in leisure, travel and defense.  This program traces the development of maritime technology, usage and safety measures through examination of some of the shipwrecks that are part of life for a coastal state like NJ.

Through a Glass Brightly

Get the insider view of the stained glass windows at the Museum, many adorned with quotes from the arts, sciences, and humanities. Participants will observe the beautiful details of the window designs and learn about the quotes and writers depicted in the windows.

Tooling Through Art

Many masterpieces of world art contain depictions of hand tools and household artifacts. This presentation shows these artworks, focusing in on the tools. Pictures of objects from the Museum’s collection are juxtaposed with the art slides to show the similarities. Background on the artists, the art, and the artifacts is included.


Perfect for Halloween time or Friday the 13th, this program discusses many of our common superstitions and the origins of these strange beliefs.

What’s Cookin’?

Participants learn about 18th & 19th-century cooking techniques through hands-on examination of cooking utensils and food-related artifacts from the Museum’s collection. The program encourages participants to reminisce about favorite recipes, while sharing food and cooking memories.

What’s In a Name?

This presentation focuses on surnames derived from occupations, one of the most common origins of last names.  The program is accompanied by pictures of related objects from the Museum’s collection and participants will have the opportunity to handle a number of these objects.

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact the Education Department at 973-377-2982 ext. 12 or email education@metc.org

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