List of School Programs

M is for Museum (in METC only) Pre-K

Learn about the alphabet & while touring the exhibits, find objects with all the letters & learn about the objects. Alphabet-themed stories & crafts included.

Tale of the Dragon (in METC only) Pre-K

METC has a Griffin in the garden! Learn about griffins, gargoyles & other mythological creatures. Hear the legend of St. George & the Dragon while viewing the detailed casting of the story that is in the Museum’s Main Gallery fireplace. Role-play the part of the dragon through dramatic movement, hear other dragon stories, and make a dragon to take home.

Early American Toys & Tales (hands-on) Pre-K-2nd grade

Did children get to “play” in Early American times? Lucky for them, they did, but in some ways very different from how children play today. Playtime includes handling Museum replicas of simple toys from the Colonial period & learning how children got their toys long before toy stores were available. Learn about how toys were made, play with toys & make a top or marble craft.

Simple Machines (hands-on) 1st-4th grade

“Maker’s Day” is every day at METC! Early Americans used timeless innovations to perform daily tasks and chores. Explore the functions of the inclined plane, screw, lever, wedge, wheel & axle, and pulley through hands-on examination of the Museum’s artifacts. In cooperative learning groups, present findings to the class. Decorate a simple machine to take home.

A Child’s Life in Early America (in METC only) 2nd-4th grade

What was it like to be a child living in Early American times? Was it very different from how children live today, or are there similarities? Role-play a day in the life of an Early American child, doing chores and helping the family. Because “all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy,” make a toy to take home.

The Tradesman and Community 3rd-5th grade

Put yourself in the shoes of the community tradesperson. Who did you depend on? What was your role in the community? Learn about the blacksmith, the tinsmith, the cooper and many other tradespeople while taking part in a “Community Web” activity. Become a Tinsmith Apprentice and make a tin-punching craft.

Early American Schoolhouse (hands-on) 2nd-5th grade

Participants are given “school supplies” from the Museum’s collection to hold and examine. Each artifact tells the story of early one-room schoolhouse practices. Student participants make a traditional “hornbook” to take home.

Decoding the Past (hands-on)  4th-12th grade

What could this object be? What was it used for? What does it tell us about life in earlier times? Examine some of the Museum’s most mysterious artifacts, and have fun trying to figure out what they were. Make a “secret code” journal to take home.

Measuring Tools of Early Trades (hands-on) 5th-8th grade

Why is a “foot” 12 inches? How did Early American people figure out how to measure things? Discover the necessity of measurement and accuracy in measurement. Examine METC’s early measuring tools to learn how uniform standards were established. In cooperative learning groups, present findings to the others and create solutions for actual measuring problems. Make a measuring tool to take home.

Art in Artifacts & Architecture (in METC only) 2nd-12th grade

Early American artisans created their tools and implements primarily for function, but many also exercised their artistic talents in the form and decoration of these items. Buildings themselves were often works of art with different styles of architecture and design. Tour the METC building and neighboring buildings (weather permitting). “Take home” parts of the METC building through creating stencils & rubbings from the building itself.

Creative Journal Writing (in METC only)  3rd-12th grade

Tour the Museum’s exhibits for ideas for writing prompts for fiction, non-fiction & poetry writing. Make a personal writing journal.

FROM JANUARY 17, 2017 through LABOR DAY 2017 ONLY!


(in METC only)  3rd-12th grade.

Tour METC’s newest exhibit to see examples of  farming tools & artifacts. Learn about NJ’s role as “the Garden State.” See the exhibit’s aeroponic garden & make a planting craft to take home.


METC STEAM Offerings


 Science – Simple Machines, Grades 1-4

Explore the functions of 6 simple machines through hands-on close examination of METC’s artifacts

Make a simple machine to take home

 Technology – Decoding the Past, Grades 4-12

Through hands-on analysis of Early American artifacts & primary sources, discover early technology that led to today’s inventions

Following step-by-step instructions, create an intricately folded “code book” to take home

 Engineering – Art in Artifacts & Architecture, Grades 2-12

Examine the Richardson Romanesque METC building (built 1899-1900), both inside & out

Determine the differences between form & function, structure & decoration

“Take home” parts of the building through artistic renderings of stencils & rubbings

Art – Through a Glass, Brightly, Grades 3-12

Through personal examination of the Museum’s stained glass windows (either on-site or through PowerPoint), learn about these artistic features of the building

Use the quotes presented on the windows as writing prompts for creative writing

Make a writing journal to take home

 Math – Measuring Tools of Early Trades, Grades 5-12

Discover the necessity of measurement & accuracy

Examine METC’s collection of early measuring tools to learn how uniform standards were established

Solve measuring problems with a hand-made measuring tool