METC People

Meet some of the dedicated people who make
the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts run.


Museum Staff

  Vivian C. R. James Jefferson W. Kirby Executive Director
Siobhan FitzpatrickCurator of Collections & Exhibitions
  Meg Wastie Curator of Education
  April Kirchdoerffer Operations Manager
Kathleen Brennan BarrettEducator
  Mary Ellen McVeigh Educator
  Rachel Prager Educator
  Marie Seilus Educator
  Margaret Skelly Educator
  Stephanie Turner Educator
  Sandy Miller Citron Volunteer
  Diane Celler-Samiljan Volunteer


Museum Officers

  Thomas Judd
Chairman, Board of Trustees
  Dorothy Meaney
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
  Irene Maroney Treasurer
  Ellen Steinberg Secretary

Board of Trustees

  Martin Barbato   Ellie Barbash Berman
  Mark DeBiasse   Andrew Boles
  Judith Mullins   Rodger Herrigel
  Michele Luciano Faas   Allen Black
  David Strand   Ronald Partizian
  Deborah Farrar Starker   Aldona Skrypa
  Chris Kellogg   Fran Mantone
John Hoover
Advisors to the Board
  Barbara Cicco   Nino Coviello
  Stacy Russo    
  Astri Baillie
 Borough Council Liaison

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