Programs for Tiger Scouts

Below are the badges that can be fulfilled in part or in full.  The badge requirements in bold will be completed as part of the program.

Family Stories Elective Adventure

Bring with you some family stories and an object that is important to your family.  We will discuss and examine various objects in the METC collection and the way in which objects can tell family stories.  Share your family stories and object, then make a family crest and family tree, inspired by historic examples: the more information you can bring on your family the better!

Complete Requirement 1 plus at least three others.

1. Discuss with your parent/guardian, a family member, or other caring adult where some of your family members originated.  Discuss family history, traditions, and culture – your family heritage.  Share a story or bring something to share with your den about yourself and your family. 

2. Make a family crest 

3. Visit your public library to find out information about the heritage of some of your family members

4. Interview one of your grandparents or another family elder, and share with your den what you learned

5. Make a family tree designed for your particular family 

6. Share with your den how you got your name or what your name means

7. Share with your den your favorite snack or dessert that reflects the cultural heritage of one or more of your family members

8. Learn where some members of your family came from, and locate the place(s) on a map.  Share this information with your den.  With the help of your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, locate and write to a pen pal there


Stories in Shape Elective Adventure

The METC is a work of art! Explore the various artistic (and often shape-driven) elements of our architecture and discuss various types of art.  Create your own works of art inspired by our building and other works of art. 

Complete at least four of the following requirements.

1. Visit an art gallery or a museum, explore an art website or visit your library

2. Look closely at pictures of some art with your den or a family member. Decide what you like about the art, and share your ideas with the other Tigers

3. Create pieces of art on paper, poster board or canvas

4. Draw or create an art piece using shapes

5. Use tangrams to create shapes


Tiger Tales Elective Adventure

With a dragon in the fireplace, a griffin in the garden, gargoyles on the roof and a building that looks like a castle, METC is the perfect place to explore tall tales.  We will learn the tales of all these creatures and more, then make our own tall tale.  Represent your tall tale in art and play some historic games.  

Complete at least four of the following requirements.

1. Create a tall tale with your den 

2. Create your own tall tale. Share your tale with your den

3. Read a tall tale with your parent, guardian or other caring adult 

4. Create a piece of art from a scene in the tall tale you have read, using your choice of materials.  Share it with your den

5. Play a game from the past 

6. Sing two folk songs

7. Visit a historical museum or landmark with your parent, guardian or other caring adult

Call our Education Department at 973-377-2982, ext 12 or email for more information or to schedule a program.