The Impact of COVID-19 on a Local Employee

My name is Stephanie Damiano. I grew up in East Hanover, NJ and currently live in Morris Township. I work at the Madison Pet Shop, which is across the street from METC. Since pet shops are deemed essential, I am still working, although our hours are reduced.  During this critical time the store is working to help do our part in providing the needs for our customers and their furry family members while keeping everyone safe. We are offering curbside pickup, where customers may call the store with what they need and once processed they can pick up outside without any interaction with others.

Besides working at the pet shop I am currently finishing up my masters at Seton Hall University where I am in the Master of Arts and Museum Professions program. Since I work full time, I have been slowly fulfilling my studies with one class per semester. When not working or at school, I volunteer one Sunday a month at the Morris County Historical Society at Acorn Hall. I have been a docent there since 2006. Since the pet shop relies on customer service it has helped me in some of the schoolwork, but in some ways the master’s program has also helped me in the pet shop. I hope to use all my life lessons from Seton Hall, the pet shop, and MCHS, to work in a small to mid-size museum.

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